Travel to China - Tips for History Fans

As a history lover planning travel to China, you would be amazed to find a series of interesting places that you can explore alone or with family or friends!

Whether it is the birthplace of Mao Zedong or ancient relics, Buddhist caves or even the world-renowned Great Wall of China, these historical sites, painting a fascinating picture of the country’s 5,000-year-old history, are sure to leave you spellbound.

Explore Ancient Chinese Cities
Undoubtedly, the country’s capital, Beijing, holds an important place in its history. Once a prominent military and trading center, Beijing was known as Dadu and Zhongdu when it was conquered by the Mongolians and Jurchen Jin.

Palace Museum, Beijing

Renamed Beijing by the Ming Dynasty, Beijing boasts some of the top historical landmarks in the country, including the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City), Tian'anmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, Mao's Memorial Hall, the Ming Tombs, and the Summer Palace, among others.

Located in the center of Beijing and north of Tiananmen Square, the rectangular-shaped Imperial Palace or Palace Museum, with all its ancient furniture, décor, and large area, is the largest palace complex in the world. A trip to the Imperial Palace (see photo) would take you back in history when the Ming and Qing dynasties reigned supreme in China.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Summer Palace boasts the largest royal park and magnificent ancient constructions. Located hardly 15 kilometers away from central Beijing, the Summer Palace, with its archetypal Chinese garden and a plethora of ancient arts, has been designated as China’s Key Cultural Relics Protection Site.

A masterpiece of architecture, reflecting the mystical cosmological laws, the Temple of Heaven is one of the holiest imperial temples in China. Known for its spectacular mystical landscape design and architecture, the Temple was a key place of worship for the emperor, where he would pray for a good harvest.

Great Wall - Travel to China

One of the greatest sites of tourist interest, the Great Wall of China is set amid steep mountains, boasting to be a matchless feat of an iconic ancient defensive architecture. Built by the Qin Dynasty, the Great Wall (see photo) is another World Heritage Site, which has undergone heavy restoration at different sections. While you travel to China, you can expect to have panoramic views of the diversity of this amazing land and enjoy some great scenery hiking up the rugged hills to reach the majestic wall! You can even ride the cable car to explore the breathtaking beauty surrounding the gigantic structure.

One of the most popular attractions to travel to China, The Terracotta Army Museum in Xi'an is known for its hundreds of terracotta statues representing the army that defeated all Chinese armies to form a united China. The statues, which have been standing for years, are a majestic reminder of the military success achieved during Emperor Qin’s reign

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Flights to China

Travelers can catch flights to China from all major world cities and conveniently reach Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Hong Kong, the main gateways to the country.

Ancient Tourist Attractions in China - Top-10

Looking for tourist attractions in China? The Chinese civilization has been in the reckoning for the last 10,000 years and in the process endowed the land with numerous historical attractions.

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